Holiday Gift Giving – Thinking Outside the Box

Tidy Up put out a brief survey out asking people about Holiday Gift Giving. Forty-four people responded and the results might surprise you.

One hundred percent of respondents give Holiday gifts. About 3/4 of people remember a gift they gave and a gift they received last year.
When asked to pick one gift that they would want to receive (picking the answer that best fits) between:

An item like clothes/accessories/electronics
An adventure/activity like a ski day or a movie or just time together
Gift Card
Something disposable like flowers/alcohol/food
Honestly nothing

Over-whelmingly, the most popular answer was an adventure/activity (68%), followed by an item like clothes/accessories/electronics (11%), then something disposable (9%), gift card (7%), and nothing (5%). NOT ONE person anwered money, but we have to note that 2/3 of respondents were adults in the 45-54 age bracket.

About 60 percent of respondents stress out when shopping for the holidays (we thought it would be even higher). Three-quarters of respondents keep a gift they don’t care for out of obligation, which is really just good manners. But, sadly, 86% feel like they have too much stuff in their lives.
When asked to name the best gift they ever received the responses were all over the board: jewelry, time with my family, a puppy, Ugg slippers, a trip, homemade flowers.

So what does this all mean? Perhaps using some imagination and coming up with an adventure, class, trip, or activity might be the most-appreciated gift! One couple I know thought about what the other loves and he bought her a class where you learn how to be a clown and she got him a membership in a magicians group and tickets to some magic shows. Love this! There is always skydiving (maybe together!), tickets to a concert, a plane ticket for spring break, or even movie tickets or a day of ice skating.

Best gift I ever got was when my husband and kids EACH wrote about 70 reasons why they love me or are thankful for me and put the slips of paper in a jar. I took one out most mornings until they were gone and taped them in a blank notebook. So meaningful and no clutter! A few people borrowed this idea and the recipients LOVED it. It’s not late to do this for the holidays!


My sister and I make a calendar with photos of the grandkids (even though three of them are now in college). Low cost but loved by the grandparents.

One idea that took some work but was fun was to find an old photo of the kids, find similar clothes on-line and recreate the picture! Frame both photos (new and old) in one frame!


We aren’t trying to be a scrooge! Give gifts to the ones you love but think outside the box. Don’t clutter up someone’s house, especially someone in a smaller house or apartment, just so they have something to open. Spend more time (instead of more money) with your loved ones. Happy Holidays to you all from Tidy Up!

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