A Professional Organizer’s Kid’s Room

As a professional organizer, I am often asked about the state of my own home.  Is it perfectly organized?  The answer is definitely NO!  Although a good part of my home is clutter-free, I also have my share of junk drawers, out-dated clothes, and unused Tupperware, etc., etc.  I also have four kids – one elementary-school age, one tween, and two teens.  That amounts to a lot of stuff for a lot of people.
And when it comes to their bedrooms I have one piece of advice – pick your battles!  Their rooms are never going to look like a Pottery Barn Kids catalog – I would be scared if it did!  They all have their “stuff” that they want in there, and as it isn’t trash or food-related, I am OK with that!
My youngest daughter, in particular, likes stuffed animals.  Lots and lots (and lots) of stuffed animals!  At one time, they all lived in a very large clear bin in her bedroom closet with a few favorites on her bed.  Now, they have escaped their closet prison and her room resembles a very small, crowded petting zoo.
They are on the beanbag chair, in bins, on tables, and on the bed.  Not my ideal scenario but not a battle I want to fight.  She is a good kid who willingly cleans out her desk and under-bed area periodically.  And in a couple of years, our whole house will probably be free of these furry toys.  Maybe I am going easy on her because she is my youngest, but I am fine with that!
These are photos of her room, posted with her permission.  Not how I would keep my room but it isn’t my room, it is hers!  And right now, it looks great to me!