Five Tips to Maintaining Your Organized House

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You did it! Your spring cleaning was a success! Everything has a home and your rooms are tidy and neat! But then, a few weeks later, the clutter-monster has returned! I am constantly asked – how do I maintain an organized room?


Here are a few tips:

Make it easier to put day-to-day items away.

But how? Store things where you use them. If you are constantly using band-aids in the kitchen, store them there instead of in the bathroom. Don’t stuff your containers until they are overflowing. This leaves no room for new items. Try to leave some room at the top. This may require more storage containers than you thought you needed.


Give every item a home

Get everyone on board: Mom, Dad, kids, babysitter, cleaning crew, etc. Make sure everyone knows where each item belongs with a walkthrough and/or labels. Try to follow the one-in/one-out rule when you have maxed-out your space.

Give yourself a miscellaneous box to use when time is short

If you have to leave the house but don’t want to leave the floor covered with toys, place all items in your misc. box, knowing that the first chance you get, you will put each item in this box in its home. It is a temporary solution that you will appreciate when time is tight.


Periodically have a de-cluttering session

Put it in your calendar if you have to. Put away those items that have lost their homes. Purge unused, broken, or worn items. Make room for those holiday toys that you know are coming.

Use the right gear for you

If you love baskets with labels, go for it. If small, clear bins work for you and your items, use those. Make sure you have enough bins so your items are not shoved in there. Forego the lids if they are not closing.

These tips may help you stay organized!




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